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Drill Pipe Cleaning Technology [High Pressure Drill Pipe Cleaning]

Posted by Andrea & Klaus Heilemann on Sun, Nov 25, 2018 @ 03:11 AM

Custom-tailored solutions for individual requirements.

High pressure cleaning equipment uses just water without the addition of chemicals and with the maximum mechanical energy.

uses this cleaning technology in their proven equipment or robot-assisted high-pressure booths.

GUIDE PIPES are re-usable by de-rubberizing and preparation
for new coating.

Depending/based on customer specification and country/area specific regulation DRILL PIPES can be de-contaminated.

Component geometry and parts quantities determine the design of the final process and handling technology used.

Join us for a video and pictures of the process   →  → →→

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HYDROJET CLEANING FOR TOOL & DIE [High Pressure Equipment]

Posted by Andrea & Klaus Heilemann on Thu, Nov 22, 2018 @ 14:11 PM

Are you looking for an environmentally friendly, chemical free solution to 

  • de-coat surfaces
  • clean weld seams
  • remove residues or
  • deburr components

without attacking the surface of your equipment?

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TORQUE WRENCHES - The Basics of Controlled Screw-Tightening

Posted by Andrea & Klaus Heilemann on Mon, Nov 12, 2018 @ 21:11 PM


Almost all screw connections used in industrial applications today need to be tightened to a specific torque in a controlled manner.

For you to be able to rely on screw connections being secure, knowledge, and a reliable and robust torque tool are essential.


Definition and Function

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Spirit Levels - Characteristics and Selection Aid [Measuring]

Posted by Andrea & Klaus Heilemann on Wed, Oct 17, 2018 @ 09:10 AM

Do you ever wonder what type of spirit level is right for the job?

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